Doing a 3rd talk at the 34th IUC! (still Oct 18th-20th in Santa Clara)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/09/04 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Are you someone who pops in and reads here on a [semi-]regular basis?

Or on a consistently irregular basis?

If so, you may have recalled on Friday, August 6th when I blogged Will ICU at IUC? [redux!] Oct 18th-20th in Santa Clara, where I mentioned near the end:

There may be another talk, depending on circumstances and such. It may even have its own topic, and abstract.

Guess what?

Circumstances and such? They happened.

It isn't yet on the program page (these things take time!), but it will be. Tuesday afternoon, I think.

Kind of a passion project, one might say.

Here is the info:


Korean Hangul: from Sejong the Great's Hunmin Jeongeum to Unicode 6.0


Hangul has had a long history from the 1446 document that first described the underlying Jamo to the latest Jamo additions to the Unicode Standard in version 6.0. This presentation will do a whirlwind and only mildly irreverent tour of that history in the form of a presentation to Sejong to explain what has happened, highlighting the use, encoding, and re-encoding of one of the more perfect alphabets, imperfectly handled, in this or any other age.

Anyone who knows about Korean issues in Unicode (a few of which I  I have talked about in the past here in this blog) will have some hints at this interesting report to King Sejong the Great on what's been done  with his legacy -- in Korea, in North Korea, in Unicode. Luckily, Sejong did learn English in the past 500 years so the presentation can be in English, at least!

Whether what interests you is the encoding part, the Unicode part, the linguistic part, the governmental part, the political part, the corporate part, the sinister part, the royal part, the technical part, the standards part, or the part where I get up and meld all those parts, there is something for everyone.

Hope you can be there, it should be a lot of fun. :-)

Alex Cohn on 5 Sep 2010 9:04 AM:

Such a pity I will not be there. Will you put the main point into this blog at some point?

Michael S. Kaplan on 5 Sep 2010 9:20 AM:

In all likelihood. :-)

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