Strike TWO!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/08/12 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

There was a comment written by Doug Ewell to my July 21st blog (It is easy (and obnoxious) to claim "size doesn't matter" if one has the size everyone wants) that disappeared.

I didn't delete it.

It just wasn't there one day.

Doug sent me mail about it, in fact:


I noticed that my second comment in response to your "size doesn't
matter" blog of July 21 appears to have been simply discarded.  I
thought that was unfortunate.

Ugh. That is not how I want my blog to be run. I have a heavy hand at times but I don't ever want that kind of thing happening if I did not explicitly cause it happen.


Or, to more formally describe what I will call this one?

Strike One.

Then, a reply that I myself wrote to Carl's comment to my blog from August 5 (When terminology affects satisfaction), was a second example of a comment that disappeared.

Now this one in particular pissed me off a lot and if you will read Carl's comment I was responding to then you will almost certainly be able to guess why.

Eventually I may write an actual full blog on that issue, but I wanted to put in a comment right away and am distinctly uncomfortable with writing one now that might be different from the original one since that text now appears to be gone forever.

I have a formal name to describe this incident as well.

Strike Two.

Now I am an old database guy, so the notion of DATA LOSS is the one thing best able to instill fear in me.

And to be honest among the many many thousands of comments in the thousands of blogs I have written, I have no way to know if there are more.

But I do know one thing -- in my version of this game, one out means game over and thus if another comment that I deem interesting or important disappears without a trace, then I will declare Strike Three and start looking for a new place to host the blog.

I don't mind this server, but as far as I am concerned the series of bugs in trackbacks amount to four or five foul tips so although it is still Strike Two, my patience is wearing thin.

If I choose to move to a new location I'll let you know where and whatever that third strike ended up being. But I truly hope it does not come to that....

John Cowan on 12 Aug 2010 8:01 AM:

One of my comments disappeared too, but alas I can't remember exactly where, when, or what.  I wrote it off to buggy early releases of this new software, as it was soon after the Great Transition.

Pete on 12 Aug 2010 8:38 AM:

Any chance that preserved the original comments in all their glory?  I can't get to it at work because it's an "Anonymizing Utility" and is blocked

Michael S. Kaplan on 12 Aug 2010 8:57 AM:

I am not sure. :-(

Igor Levicki on 16 Aug 2010 3:56 AM:

I have a habit of copying the comment before hitting the Post button.

I learned the hard way that posting a comment can fail, and for important and long comments I always back them up in a Notepad driven database :)

Carl on 19 Aug 2010 4:29 PM:

Sorry if my comment pissed you off! I would like to read your reply someday. I know you're a tech guy, not a business guy, so you're not really the guy I should be complaining to, I just felt like things could be simplified for consumers.

Keep up the good blogging!

Michael S. Kaplan on 19 Aug 2010 7:32 PM:

It didn't piss me off...but not having it makes it harder to reespond to directly. Do you have a copy?

Michael S. Kaplan on 19 Aug 2010 7:33 PM:

Skip that, I have your comment, Carl. A reply will be happening next week some time....

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