World-Ready Input, a presentation today (Monday)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/06/14 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

This blog you are reading now is done in the spirit of previous blogs like What is a Character? (this Thursday) and REAL engineers use the command line! of days past. :-)

Because coming up tomorrow is yet another of those presentations or trainings or whatever you want to call them.

If you're Microsoft internal, than be in

86/2831 at 10am today (Monday, June 14th 2010)

for a truly scintillating presentation about

World-Ready Input

and the description? It's:

Everything you need to know about how to let users type in text via Input Method Editors (IMEs), keyboard, or other methods without losing/corrupting the text.

Now roughly a third of the information in the presentation can be found somewhere within the 456 blogs I've written that have the Keyboards tag on them, and the rest is a combination of blogs that have not yet been published, material stolen frominspired by other presentations about keyboards and IMEs, and new research into the kinds of mistakes people have spent a lot of time making over the last decade when it comes to trying to cleverly handle the single most common interaction technique that our users have.

And if you are there then you can ask questions while it is happening of (as far as I know) one of the only people to ever be involved in all layers of input from the lowest levels of the boot loader to the most abstract levels of the text services framework, with a tool (MSKLC) that has had half a million downloads with no shortage of more people grabbing it in sight. :-)

The presentation itself does not have that kind of horn tooting in it, I promise.

And if you're external then a lot of it will end up here too eventually....

Also, before I forget, please note that today (Monday, June 14th, 2010) is

Bring your Velociraptor to Work Day

This is for all of you who have Velociraptors out there and are proud to show it! Bring your velociraptor to work with you on June 14th - regardless of what your employer says. We must show our love and dedication for these peaceful and misunderstood animals!

Mihai on 14 Jun 2010 9:46 AM:

Ok, no "horn tooting".

What a bout vuvuzela?


goto on 15 Jun 2010 3:31 AM:

Oh no,

Michael S. Kaplan on 15 Jun 2010 7:33 AM:

Well you do have to behave yourself at work so your velociraptor doesn't get *too* excited!

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