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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/06/06 08:01 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2010/06/06/10020514.aspx

Warning: this is one of those non-technical blogs that if I had a personal blog would probably have gone there. I'll have something technical tomorrow....

I thougfht I'd say something about my Saturday night, which ended up being kind of unusual

It all started in a bar in Belltown.

That part is not unusual.

I was just out of a show that was not terribly interesting, and it was just five minutes to the 11pm 545 back to Redmond. And I am lots more than 5 minutes from the stop. Like 10 minutes or so, and the bus is on time (kudos onebusaway!).

So I had a little under an hour to kill for the next (and last) bus....

I can make a drink or two last that long, and the alcohol might numb me to memory of the performance that was inflicted on me earlier.

Anyway, I am at the bar drinking a T&T.

The bartender undercharged me for the drink, but she also got the proportions wrong (you know it's a bad sign when she doesn't know what a T&T is). So I felt like we were basically even.

A reasonably attractive woman comes up to the bar, to order a drink. She turns to me and we end up having a conversation, which went (more or less) something like this:

{at this point, she had gotten her drink, and shifted from neutral into flirt. I figured I did have nearly an hour to kill, so why not?}

{I am wondering why she set up my next line so well! I wasn't doing well enough to have earned an assist yet}

{I think I am being set up now, but for the life of me I can't tell where she'd be going with this}

{Okay, I think I'm mostly hooked now. How do women do that, anyway? }

{I'll come clean and admit the "giver" line came from a Love Monkey episode; but the "pleaser" thing was me spontaneously in the moment! }

She offered to walk to the bus with me as she had to head back to Pioneer Square (she Isn't an eastsider, obviously). Though I ended up missing the bus (I can't go full speed if someone is next to me and they aren't running!).

She offered me her couch, which I accepted gratefully (spending the night outside is less fun).

I warned her that I might try to capture all of this in a blog, and she said that would be fine, though I am under ofrders to try to capture the charm of the situation. Which I think I have.

And I was home on the 6:30am 545 back to Redmond, putting this blog up just an hour or so late.

I'll let you be the judge as to whether I met her criteria or not. But answer soon, she is taking me out to dinner next week to make up for causing me to miss my bus (especially after I pointed out that would make the whole situation an über- win/win for me!) and my homework assignment is to report back on the judgment of the [ir]regular readers here!

In truth not every night goes this well. Obviously. And as a bonus, Dana managed to salvage the night that people assiduously tried to ruin, earlier....

ΤΖΩΤΖΙΟΥ on 6 Jun 2010 11:12 AM:

Yes, sometimes life shines a smile on anyone and they live moments to remember, and you stood up to the moment. I sure hope she won't eventually turn out to be a spy or a recruiter (the pessimist's view :)

parkrrrr on 7 Jun 2010 5:22 AM:

I just want to know if you answered her question about the chair.

Surge on 7 Jun 2010 3:20 PM:

I hope she's that interesting all the time, sometimes women go completely different when the flirting is over.

Anyway, well played sir, good luck next week :)

Ian Boyd on 7 Jun 2010 9:21 PM:

Well, okay then. You've spoken to more women since yesterday than I have in my entire life.

Nor do I know as much about Unicode and localization!

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