It isn't that I'm not listening. But soon I won't be able to hear you!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/05/15 07:01 -07:00, original URI:

Just a warning to the 12 of you who read every blog I write....

As Sean explains in his Blogging about the Blog Platform Blog, particularly in the recent During the upgrade of the blogging platform... blog in that Blog:

The upgrade to the blogging platform will begin on Sunday May 16th at about 9pm PDST. With the amount of data we need to migrate, it's going to be May 24th around 12pm PDST before everything is back online. During that time commenting will be turned off across the blogs. All blogs will however remain online and you may see new posts if our bloggers have saved articles with future publishing dates before the cut-off time.

This kind of lays out the plan.

Now I do have a bunch of blogs in the hopper, so you will be seeing new blogs each day.

But you won't be able to comment. For now.

You can send notes to the Contact link. Or you can email me if you know my email. Or call me if you know my phone number. You can even send up smoke signals.

Of those methods I will get every message (except maybe the smoke signals, depending on location). Some I can respond to right away, some will have to wait until everything is back.

It is nothing personal, it's just a huge server upgrade thing they are doing.

My advice to you, if your comment has anything to do with a particular blog, is to wait. So that the comment can be seen by all once we are back online.

For the record, so far I don't really care for the new platform very much. I hate the lack of available themes, the limitations in ability to update the ones they have based on how they are put together nd my klnowledge of CSS and such.

If I had the time, I'd move off the server so I could do things more the way I like them without having to learn a hundred new things that have nothing to do with my actual job.

But there it is.

If you don't like the new look either, once it is available, then at least you'll know that the author feels the same way.

If you like it, then I clearly don't know you. But did I, anyway? :-)

Just remember that I'll be listening, even during that period of time I may be unable to hear what you are saying....

# Blake Handler on Saturday, May 15, 2010 9:38 AM:

Michael - You have a wee bit more than 12 readers! (^_^)

It's a shame you don't care for the new platform. Because the trend has been for Microsoft bloggers to leave their TechNet & MSDN blogs for a personal blog "somewhere" else.

Having "all" Microsoft blogs either at TechNet or MSDN started out great . . . but with more blogs leaving and scattering across the Internet -- there's no longer a list of "all" blogs, and you can no longer search for articles in one location *sigh*

I'm crossing my fingers the other MSDN bloggers like the new platform and don't leave.

Blake Handler - Microsoft MVP

"The Road to Know Where"

# Michael S. Kaplan on Saturday, May 15, 2010 11:31 AM:

I don't know, Blake. The vast majority of traffic here is people searching via Google and Bing, so it isn't a huge numnber of regular readers behind it all, it is just me writing about what I feel like writing about....

# Kemp on Sunday, May 16, 2010 9:22 AM:

I'm a regular reader (via the RSS feed) even though I don't do any localisation, or even unicode related, work myself. I like the mix of topics though, and I feel like it's good to get a feeling for how much is out there (especially when everything I work with is in english and everything I develop is only used by english speakers). I guess what I'm saying here is thanks for being an interesting entry in my subscribed feeds list, and one of the few that has survived two complete losses of said list.

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