That GetThreadLocale bug, again (aka Delphi has more users than I originally thought)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/05/08 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Fabien asks:


Our Delphi applications use GetThreadLocale WinAPI for retrieve regional parameters (short date format for exemple), but in some french OEM computers built with Win7 this API return 1033 (en-US) instead of 1036 (fr-FR) despite all parameters in regional control panel applet are french (GetUserDefaultLCID and GetSystemDefaultLCID return 1036).

Are you aware of this problem ?

Best regards

Does this sound familiar to anyone here?

Yep, it is the same bug I talked about in Strange how unsympathetic I was, until I was suddenly quite sympathetic.

Just like the other two Delphi reports I pointed to in that blog....

At the time I said that if I heard anything else, I would holler.

And I did let folks know - in the group that owns the function, in Sustained Engineering, in Product Support.

But after that set of emails, nothing happened.

The final word in the bug report was:

Please let them know that there are many issues which we are addressing and they should try to understand we attempt to fix all of the really high impact, high applicability issues for which there are no work arounds.

There is a workaround here, as the previous blog mentioned:

  1. Open Regional and Language Options
  2. Under "Format" pick anything else. (eg: English (United States)).
  3. Press "Apply"
  4. Under "Format" pick your desired locale (eg: English (United Kingdom)).
  5. Press OK.

So I guess that is possibly the final answer.

This would not have been my choice, for what it's worth. But I guess it is time to move on....

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