Look out Maharashtra, the Marathi LIP is now available!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/04/26 07:01 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2010/04/26/10001994.aspx

Yes, that is right, available for the English version of Windows 7 is the Language Interface Pack for Marathi! :-)

You can download it right here (32-bit only).

And for a bit about the language (not done previously for the Vista version):

NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 70 million native speakers, plus about 20 million second language speakers


Marathi is mainly spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where it is official language, and to a lesser extent in the neighboring states. In fact, Maharashtra was formed in 1960 when the former Bombay state was split up into the linguistic areas of Marathi and Gujarati. Marathi is one of the official languages of India. Also known as Maharashtri, Maharathi, Malhatee or Marthi, the language derives its grammar and syntax from Sanskrit and is therefore one of the Indo-Aryan languages. With its about 90 million speakers it is comparable in rank with languages like Korean or Vietnamese.

CLASSIFICATION: Marathi is the southernmost of the Indo-Aryan languages (which include Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi) which in turn belong to the big Indo-European language family. Its closest relative is Konkani.

SCRIPT: Marathi is written in Devanagari (like Hindi, for example).

You can look to Wikipedia for more info on Marathi, right here. In fact, if it makes sense someone might even link to the LIP from there? :-)

Some other factoids, Michael Kaplan style, right here:


Pavanaja U B on 28 Apr 2010 9:19 PM:

Can't understand why can't you people make 64 bit LIPs.



Kiran Kumar Chava on 28 Apr 2010 9:33 PM:


Waiting for a Telugu one with Thousand eyes :-)

Michael S. Kaplan on 28 Apr 2010 9:54 PM:

Pavanaja - I have blogged about the 64-bit issue (here). I don't agree with the decision but it is what it is and the people who disagree about the lack of business case should help provide the proof, which I can forward on as appropriate....

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