The inappropriate nature of getting the Feh out of Uighur, Windows 7 edition

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/02/25 07:01 -05:00, original URI:

No big news today, this is an update less sensational than the original story.

The equivalent story in newspaper terms would be buried on page 20, even if the original story was front page headlines.

On the other hand, my front page is like page 20 already, so I guess this whole plan is doomed to failure.

Oh well.

Anyway, just a quick follow-up on Fight the Future? (#1 of ??), aka The inappropriate nature of getting the Feh out of Uighur.

They fixed it in Windows 7.

Let's look at the keyboard list:

Uyghur and Uyghur (Legacy)?

Oh well, at least they changed the spelling of Uighur to be Uyghur.

Maybe I'll write about that another day.

Let's look at the previews:

Oh wait, that won't help, it was happening in the SHIFT state.

We'll go over to MSKLC instead.

They're in the list there, too:

Let's see what they look like:

And there you have it, they fixed it.

They didn't take my advice about the equating those two characters in the collation tables, to help with the migration of any data that might have been typed by anyone in Vista (or from anyone who upgrades since they'll still have their old, installed keyboard.

The old layout couldn't be edited (like I mentioned in the second part here), though if it had been me I might have relaxed the rules slightly for this case, given how similar the two characters look in some fonts and all.

But oh well, at least the bug is fixed, right? :-)

One Uyghur on 25 May 2010 8:31 AM:

Yes, the bug is fixed. But there are still some problems with this Uyghur keyboard layout.

I would like to know how Microsoft makes the local keyboard layout for some of the language. I mean, while making the Uyghur keyboard layout, which authority or standard does Microsoft follow?

I am a Uyghur and among the 12 Uyghur punctuation marks, 3 are missing on Uyghur keyboard. And moreover, we also need to type TATWEEL (or KASHIDA, U+0640,, but we can not with the current keyboard layout on Windows 7.

Is there anyway that Microsoft will issue a hotfix to fix the problems with the current Uyghur keyboard layout?

Michael S. Kaplan on 25 May 2010 8:57 AM:

I will be discussing this issue (which you also put in the Suggestion Box) in an upcoming blog. Patience....

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