The interrupted is going to be the resumed

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2010/01/01 15:01 -05:00, original URI:

It's a new year, and I was thinking I'd start blogging again.

This place has been a source of technology, internationalization, happiness, frustration, love, and hate for many years, with everything from original useful technical content never successfully produced elsewhere to an online nervous breakdown.

The reasons for the stop in blogs are many-fold, perhaps I'll write about  some of them one of these days.

But really I had missed not sharing with thousands of my closest strangers, an expression that to this day I still truly love.

But I am technically still on vacation, so I am going to wait to do the technical stuff for a few more days.

Think of this as me easing back in; if the personal posts aren't exactly your case of chai (or your case of chifir) then you can skip it the next few days and pick up on Monday.

All set? Ok, here we go....

Mike on 7 Jan 2010 9:36 PM:

this is great news, always great to read your blog posts

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