After calling the airline, iBOT a ticket to Vegas!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2009/01/08 03:01 -05:00, original URI:

It recently occurred to me that I don't need to keep continuing the I SCOOT to iBOT blog series under that name, since I have a category now. :-)

I mean, it has been a while since I have had any real comparisons or contrasts with the scooter.

Although recently I had the pleasure of asking my insurance company about the rules for the scooters -- since I have a friend whose brother might really benefit from it were it not for the fact that his insurance company probably wouldn't cover it. I wanted to make sure I was not committing insurance fraud if I gave it to him.

Her exact words?

"You wouldn't even be committing insurance fraud if you sold it to him. Once we give it to you then its yours to do with as you will."

Now I am mildly ashamed to admit that my first thought was about the check made out to me for $26,100 that I endorsed over to Independence Technology. Though even had I known I still wouldn't have pocketed the cash -- I am finding the iBOT to way too useful, way too empowering, way too life-altering to want to go down the road of trying to make money instead.

It was just a momentary thought as one more weirdness of insurance companies was explained to me. :-)

If my friend's brother can use the scooter I'll just give it to him, I don't need to make money off my friends or their family. Better to just be helpful!

Amazingly enough, the above is not what this blog you are reading is about,

Everything until now has just been an "Aimee Mann on stage" style digression, something that happens from time to time.

This blog is about what happens in a few hours.

I am taking a few vacation days, going to Las Vegas. Not for work, for a trade show (I am kind of an invited expert or something like that).

But that isn't the cool part. Or at least not the cool part I'm talking about here.

This is:

It is my first time traveling with the iBOT!

I am flying there and going until Sunday night via the iBOT the whole time, presumably much of that time in Balance mode.

I'll try and get some pictures, and I'll be writing about whatever iBOT experiences I have from the beginning of the trip until I am back in my apartment again.

You may wonder if I am nervous about this, and I think I am, a little. But I am mostly very excited.

Armed with some clothes, a toothbrush, a MacBook Pro, a Zune, and an iBOT, I'll be taking said iBOT out on its maiden out-of-town voyage....


I'll probably blog a bit from there when I have time, and I'll tell people if anything interesting or exciting happens with the iBOT....

If you are in Vegas and you see a guy in two wheels in wheelchair, check the license plate -- it might be me! :-)

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Iain Clarke on 12 Jan 2009 12:19 PM:

So, what are you planning on doing when the airline loses your iBOT, and can't replace it if they chose to?

Distrustful in advance,


Michael S. Kaplan on 12 Jan 2009 12:29 PM:

Well we know they can't lose it since I check it plane-side, and they actually did just fine with it this time! :-)

Closer to the end of the 5 years I'll start worrying more!

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