From I SCOOT to IBOT, #8 of ?? (On redefining the ideal kissing height)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/12/03 21:01 -05:00, original URI:

Yet another IBOT blog -- feel free to ignore if they aren't your thing...

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I have given many reasons that that I feel the iBOT has really changed not just my life but the quality thereof.

Last week, I discovered another one.

I was in an elevator.

Not alone on an elevator, mind you.

With someone.

Someone special.

Neither wife, nor girlfriend.

Though we have had our moments.

Great moments, and great memories.

It's complicated.

A great kisser, she has been.

Anyway, we were on the elevator.

Was it five stories? Ten? Twenty-three?

I can't recall.

The meal was over, I forget what we ate.

Because as soon as the doors closed, we turned to each other, and kissed.

This kiss, with me in balance mode and her standing next to me?

It was hot.

No worries about falling, no need to keep my eyes open to compensate for loss of proprioception, no requirement to be anywhere else other than right there, kissing.

Now you may recall all that I said about ideal kissing height when standing (a blog that is currently #1 in a Google search on ideal kissing height, by the way!).

In a singular moment, where we happened to be the same height due to my careful adjustments, with the help of the iBOT and the iBALANCE technology, we were the ideal kissing height.

And right then, we were in the ideal kiss.

Did I mention it was hot?

Well, until the next time we do it, I mean. It was good enough to assure that.

Clearly I have been on the bench until now because the iBOT has me up off the bench....

This takes human dignity to a whole new level -- not medically necessary, to be sure, but at that moment more important than life.

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Claire on 4 Dec 2008 1:27 AM:

Do you write about stuff like this to bait me?

sam i am on 4 Dec 2008 2:45 AM:

he does it to bait me!!!

Michael S. Kaplan on 4 Dec 2008 3:12 AM:

I'm not trying to bait anyone. This is straight reporting. :-)

sam i am on 4 Dec 2008 3:25 AM:

who was with you in the elevator?

Michael S. Kaplan on 4 Dec 2008 3:50 AM:

We're really not in eight grade whispering in study hall about who kissed who under the bleachers after practice yesterday. It was about the WHAT, not the WHO. (And about the iBOT.)

Though I have to thank both of you for helping confirm that is wasn't either one of you. Maybe that'll keep the folks in study hall from whispering about it too much!

sam i am on 4 Dec 2008 3:53 AM:


andrea on 10 Dec 2008 2:59 AM:

It wasn't me, hun. We haven't shared a kiss for nearly 10 years. Good to know you got your mojo back!

I miss our phone calls, so let's catch up soon.

John Cowan on 12 Dec 2008 2:57 PM:

"Kissing girls is a goodness.  It beats the hell out of card games."  --Valentine Michael Smith

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