Internationalization in Silverlight?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/09/02 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

The other day, Adrian Cadden sent me some email, curious about why I hadn't been blogging about Silverlight localization.

I had to admit that the main reason was that I didn't know very much about it, and didn't really know of anyone who did!

But then I got to change all that, when he pointed out that in his blog he was doing some coverage of Internationalizing Silverlight in a blog with the title Silverlight and International Thoughts.

I'll probably be digging in here at some point as I hasve a backlog of interesting mails about some related topics about WPF that occasionally touched on Silverlight. I just haven't really tried anything myself just yet....

With recent topics like Silverlight Marketization (Market Customization), Silverlight Localizability and Pseudo-Localization, and Silverlight : on demand culture downloader, this blog already out there is starting to cover a lot of interesting material for me to start seeing what I can put together and take apart.

But for now a shout out to Adrian, and a pointer to yet another blog I'll read. :-)


The Unicode characters are taking the red-eye flight back to Seatte and therefore should be sponsoring blogs again soon!

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