The Unicode web site gets a facelift

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/08/30 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

Yes, that is right -- press release info along the lines of:

The Unicode Consortium is redesigning its home page to be more accessible to both new and frequent visitors, and to make it easier to see recent events and public review items. Please try it out and provide any feedback on the new design on the public mailing list: All links previously on the home page are still accessible through a menu on the left, and the older home page remains accessible for those who prefer it.

New home page:

Older home page:

A nice facelift for people who spend time on that site.

I kind of like the new page:

It definitely feels less cluttered to me than the old page:

Which is nice.

And knowing all of the same info is there and especially that the old page is not being dumped with no notice are two other great pieces of information....

Note that there is no equivalent or analogous update here, I am way too set in my ways to be authoring that kind of change. :-)



All of the characters in Unicode are on their way spmewhere for a vacation; they will be either pleased or disturbed to find out that their home has been renovated, once they are back in town!

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