The super-cool panel about Windows, .NET, and SQL Server -- now live!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/08/19 10:01 -04:00, original URI:

Last night, at the .NET Developer's Association meeting, I got to see Kimberly Tripp and her husband do a pretty awesome talk about SQL Server index internals and fragmentation. In the conversation after I was reminded of a whole pile of SQL Server blogs that I have to jump in and do. I'll have to start getting on that....

There was also a bit of news earlier in the day which was also very nice.

About the super-cool panel about Windows, .NET, and SQL Server, which at long last is now available!

This is a panel that I was involved with while I was over at TechEd earlier this summer.

The title?

Internationalization and SQL Server: Sorting out Collations between Windows and .NET

The title might sound difficult to navigate, but it isn't -- just plug in your high quality parser and go for it! :-)

I originally pitched the idea of this panel and though Steven Seim seemed enthusiastic, the people tapped to do it showed varying lesser degrees of enthusiasm, probably based on their respective levels of busy-ness they each had to deal with that week. Though everyone seemed up fr it by the time we were ready to go and kind of had the roadmap for the kind of stuff we wanted to cover.

The idea came about by accident, originally based a phone conversation between Goldie and I probably six months or longer before all this, about some of the issues that SQL Server handles so much better than Windows -- like multiple version handling and real backcompat support. At the time I realized how much better of a place SQL Server was than Windows. It was almost like it was evolutionary steps beyond Windows because of those scenarios. And how it worked with managed code (aka the Hosted CLR) was yet another dimension to consider. It thought it would be useful to talk about it....

The original list of participants for the panel:

This was kind of the original plan for the panel, and I think it would have been a perfectly fine and useful presentation of information.

But then, enter Kent Alstad from Strangeloop, and The Real World! :-)

Kent was our wildcard, our man of mystery, the one who took the panel and really helped us turned it up to eleven -- made it about some real customer-facing issues that developers are all too often hit with, and hit with hard.

Like I said, the original plan was a good one.

But what the four of us did? It put the original plan to shame and turned "good" into "great" faster than you can say morebetter!

The description of the session:

The collation support in SQL Server has been based on Windows since 7.0, even though the data has never been the same between them in any version of SQL Server or Windows. This panel will look at the technical and philosophical differences between them and the effect on results, as well as the impact of the .NET Framework on both of them—and the effect of all of these various differences on developers of any or all of them.

And this is up to and including how to get both the best possible results, and the most consistent ones (hint: the number 2008 may come up three times, genuinely!).

You can see the session on the big list of panels and talks with all the others here:

And you can download it as podcast or video -- a WMV, an MP4, or an MP3, and see and/or hear the whole thing.

This was a lot of fun to do, and hopefully some people here will find it fun to watch!

For those who are interested, the other video I was involved with (a conversation between Mary and I, entitled Beyond FxCop-style Internationalization in .NET) is also available up on that same site in both video and podcast. Though not as cool as the panel, it also has some interesting stuff in it....

Enjoy! :-)


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# sam i am on 19 Aug 2008 3:16 PM:

michael i didnt see her at the concert. i know that 4 sure now that ive seen her in the video. i wouldve remembered.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 19 Aug 2008 4:46 PM:

Hi Sam,

I won't even ask what happened to your contractions; I guess I was able tp read and understand either way. :-)

Why would you have remembered for sure?

Thanks for the confirmation, either way!

# sam i am on 19 Aug 2008 8:29 PM:

i dunno, because shes cute?

# Michael S. Kaplan on 20 Aug 2008 1:44 AM:

Hmmmm. Moving on.... :-)

So I don't suppose you have any thoughts on the actual content of the panel, by any chance?

# sam i am on 20 Aug 2008 6:59 PM:

i dont know much about the subject, but it was clear that goldie and you jumped way past the other guy and you both had to go back to pick him up after you realized.

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