Reference to a Decalogue

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/08/13, original URI:

Regular reader John Cowan, in response to References Available on Request, asked in a comment:

Mmm, couldn't you at least post the commandments for us?

It hadn't actually occurred to me. :-)

The non-commandment version can be found here, but the Decalogic version is:

 Sorry for the all-caps, though I did want emulate the booming voice.

Playing God for ten slides was fun, but that isn't something I'd want as a full-time gig. I tried not to be too blasphemous. :-)

It reminded me of an old joke which I'd repeat here in the hopes of entertaining those who didn't think the decalogue above was funny enough, though I really only remember the first part and the punchline -- so it wouldn't be very funny for you, most likely....


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