My Gut[tman] instinct is...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/08/01 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

Within the last few weeks, Amy asked (via the Contact link):


i'm searching for a downloadable (preferred) hebrew font for an invitation and saw your website came up in my search: specifically the link to these fonts:

i'm very interested in getting a hold of the Guttman Yad font- can you tell me where i could locate it online?

thank you!

Amy found the link to this image in You got your latins in my hebrew! No, you got your hebrew in my latins!.

To be honest, I (like I expect most people) have no real idea where they get most of the fonts on their machine from. I don't really tend to download fonts though, so almost all of them come from some random software product from Microsoft or some other company.

Maybe some random language version of Office? I really don't have any idea. :-(

I thought I'd put this question out there in case anyone wanted to suggest the best (legal) way to find the font in question and help Amy out....



This post brought to you by ס (U+05e1, a.k.a. HEBREW LETTER SAMEKH)

# Daniel Renshaw on 1 Aug 2008 10:05 AM:

According to this:, Guttman Yad has been bundled with the Hebrew version of Office since the 2000 version and may be in the Office Proofing Tools.

# Si on 1 Aug 2008 10:54 AM:

The Guttman fonts come with the Hebrew version of Office. Mr Guttman passed away a few years back. I do not know who currently owns the rights to his fonts. You could try posting this question to

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