Not everyone gets to know everything?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/07/22 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

So after yesterday's blog (Behind facebook status like: "...somewhere between 'Addictive' by Faithless and 'Addicted' by Juliana Hatfield."), I had several people point out that there seemed to be something missing.

After all, I mentioned that each of the quotes would have:

...[as least] three meanings:

But even if you only have one of these it can still be fun...

Yes, that is right -- in my example I did not explain the third point.

I kind of thought the reason behind the omission would be self explanatory, wouldn't it?

Sometimes those deep personal things are really personal; many times they weren't even about me.

So sharing can feel like like a violation of someone's privacy (perhaps mine, perhaps not) and on the whole it seems exist to just not risk it.

I thought that was implied, but not everyone picked up on this point. Sorry about that!

I share a lot here, more than I ought, according to some.

But not everything is shared -- because in addition to all the above, sometimes the best little secrets are kept....

If it is something I feel comfortable blogging about, you'll likely see it.


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