The Limonata foil "condoms" are in no way ironic

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/07/09 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of San Pellegrino Limonata.

And it is not much of a secret that the "European" can size of 330ml leads to a slightly smaller can then the typical 12oz one usually seen on the US side of the puddle.

The new cans (which were discussed previously here)

do have one "feature" I did not mention previously -- the foil 'cap" on their tops.

Now I am just old enough that watching movies with cans that use pull tabs them in them as a plot device (e.g. WarGames when Matthew Broderick dials a number on a pay phone without change using one) are ones I remember watching back when it seemed normal since all cans had them -- even though now I am astounded at a design that led to so much littering of pull tabs throughout the world.

But this foil top is intended mainly to deal with one of the long-standing complaints of the design most companies use now -- the fact that a can might become a landing pan for dust/dirt either during transit or while sitting in the store or at home waiting to be opened and used.

I suppose it is good at that.

Though to be honest the six-packs come completely wrapped in clear plastic which means the tops of the cans were already quite protected.

Now the foil "condoms" are protected by the plastic so they won't get dirty either.

This is not ironic, really -- just short-sighted,

What the hell purpose do these foil condoms serve other than to be a huge step backward in the world of new opportunities to have trash that people will either not recycle or will just use to litter?

I am hoping this distinctive oddity does not catch on with other canned drinks....

I'm not going to litter with any of mine, for what it's worth. :-)

Note to Microsoft internal folk: RED stuff is for the benefit of people, GREEN stuff is for the benefit of the planet.

Kind of interesting (though also not ironic unless you misuse the word in more of a Britney or Katie sense than an Alanis one) that the San Pellegrino people changed the can color from being green when they made this particular earth-unfriendly change!) and it is good to know that the color scheme has applicability outside of the world of Microsoft, given their (also not ironic) refusal to stock the beverage.


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aaa www on 9 Jul 2008 8:23 AM:

do you trust the full transport chain - from canning to your mouth - or do you wash your can before uncapping?

because those cans are stocked in open storages, where bad stuff* lies

*biological contamination, mostly

Michael S. Kaplan on 9 Jul 2008 10:38 AM:

If I don't trust the plastic covering it, why would I trust the foil? There is some mild leap of faith involved (plus I have had many many cans and have not died yet!).

OTOH I do have an immune system that is known to be comprehensive, perhaps it has saved me from multiple Limonata-mediated plagues? :-)

ReallyEvilCanine on 10 Jul 2008 7:53 AM:

Because you <i>remove</i> the foil which is sealed to the top of the can. Warehouses are dirty and pallet transport is done under all conditions. In NYC every convenience store has napkins at the counter so you can wipe the very clearly dirty can before popping it open and drinking.

Try the Aranciatta sometime.

Michael S. Kaplan on 10 Jul 2008 9:01 AM:

I've tried it -- but I'm a Limonata man, all the way. :)

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