On installing and removing fonts, Part 0: A long journey begins with the zeroeth step

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/07/02 12:26 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2008/07/02/8681646.aspx

In this Blog, some topics are harder than others.

It was born out of a question, left in the Suggestion box (at my recommendation) by keoladonaghy:

Could you possiblly create a topic on how to create an installer package for  fonts. I have one that works on XP using Installer Creator, but it doesn't work on Vista. I've read a few forums that talk about elevated status and such in order to be able to write to the Fonts folkder. Even when using an admin account and turned off User Account Control, the installer runs and tells you that the fonts have been installed, but when you look in the fonts folder they have not. I'm hoping to find something cheap (or free!) and simple as this is the only Windows installer I need to create.

About the Fonts folder in Windows, Part 3 (aka What changes in Vista?)]

A moment ago, when I was talking about topics that were hard?

Well, this is one of those.

So I am going to tackle it in a series of blogs, all inside this blog.

About the challenges, the issues, how to do it right by pointing out a lot of the wrongness that goes on, and so on.

Think of this blog as filler -- it accomplishes nothing, or maybe almost nothing.

This is, after all, a statement of intent to have more blogs on this topic.

Are you excited yet? I mean in the professional sense?

I should warn you that I am going to seem very impressive here, because I am going to standing on the shoulders of some really impressive people who have forgotten more about this topic than I (and let's be honest pretty much everyone else) will ever know.

So if there are mistakes along the way, they will indubitably be mine.

And anything great or cool or insightful or interesting or intriguing will be those impressive folks I was just alluding to.

There may be the odd personal reference too, because I'm just kind of built that way -- you can ignore those bits if they aren't your thing or saor them if they are.

You know where we are, right now?

We are at the beginning.

If you are reading this live rather than via a web search, then you got be here when it all started.



This blog brought to you by(U+FF26, aka FULLWIDTH LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F)

Zooba on 3 Jul 2008 12:53 AM:

"If you are reading this live rather than via a web search"

That line reminded me of Jeremy Clarkson on the first episode of this season of Top Gear (from the UK):

"No, this isn't a repeat. We are back with a new season... Unless of course, this is a repeat!"

Congratulations! Your blog made me think of one of the funniest men on British television :-)

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