I am not engaged, everyone!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/06/26 03:01 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2008/06/26/8655007.aspx

I will readily admit I am not much of a texter.

I said as much to someone who was texting me late last year:

Do you text message? It's what
young people do these days.

Nothing makes you feel older than phrases like that, I always say....

Unfortunately, the answer to the question was mostly no. I have text'ed with the folks who have text'ed me from time to time, but I never really got into it, or very good at it.

I guess I'm just not one of the young people....

That message I quote above has not scrolled off my phone yet, and the scrolling happens at 50 text messages. So that might be a hint at how seldom I use this feature of my phone! :-)

Though the one I got from my sister yesterday was pretty funny:

Are you engaged and haven't told

Apparently one of them saw So logical that even Mr. Spock (and my fiancée?) would approve and took my kind of joking claim that

even if you were right (a point that I would probably not agree with you about unless we were in public and were going to get married (as I think it is best to never disagree with one's fiancée in public!)

was really just intended as hyperbole and thought maybe I was hinting at something. :-)

I also got email from two other people on the same subject (did it really seem like a hint? I don't think I am that oblique here!), but just the one text message. I'm really not that good with the texting. Maybe it's the speed of it all? I don't do twitter either (you may have heard of the latter, it is like blogging for people with ADD who haven't been taking their Ritalin). Texting seems more common but only the people younger than I seem to be doing it (which includes my sister!)....


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Bryan Rasmussen on 26 Jun 2008 4:24 AM:

Sorry to hear about your break-up.


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