Summer vacation, the 1st

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/05/21 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

Absitively, posolutely nothing technical here whatsoever; if that is not your thing then why the hell are you still here reading? :-)

My very first bit of summer vacation is happening this weekend -- May 23rd to 27th.

I'm heading back to Cleveland, or rather to Beachwood. My sister's husband's sister's beau will be the bridegroom and I'll be there in a tuxedo to see him and my brother-in-law's sister get married. :-)

Cynical as I admit I usually am, I am completely not that about weddings. I am tempted to giggle as Jenny takes time from what must be frantic and busy days to update her status in Facebook:

I have no idea why this inspires a giggle, there is just something really cute about it. Something that appeals to the optimist buried somewhere deep within me, which very few things bring out.

I'll admit it, weddings are definitely one of those things. Not for the sake of my marriage (which is long over and done) but just that ideal of love and happiness, seeing a reflection of it in their eyes and having proof that such a thing exists in the world, in the universe.

This appeals to me.

In fact this will be the third family wedding I'd been to over the last few years. they are all still married which is a good sign and helps that optimism stay intact. :-)

Anyhow, I'll have the camera. In addition to whatever else I get a picture of, I'll try to get at least one picture of me in the tux where I'm not smiling (since when I smile in pictures, I tend to look mildly retarded).

I take that back about there being no pictures -- there are a few of them around here somewhere from a gala I went to a few years back in Los Angeles. I just have to find them. Since they are probably buried in some box, it will likely be easier to just take new ones (and I'll have less to explain about the people standing next to me in the pictures). Perhaps I'll upgrade the picture on the side of the blog if one comes out well enough.

I'll also have the MacBook Pro with me (of course!) so you will see a few blogs while I'm gone, though the hours may be stranger than usual if I don't stick in the pre-recorded stuff. I'm still deciding.

In fact the only down side is that I'm going stag, which has some particular unfortunate side effects at family events related to amateur matchmakers (something I have found both the Kaplan and Glazer clans are quite comfortable with!). But a little tap dancing around that sort of thing will help me work off whatever food I eat so that'll be okay too. :-)

So I'm looking forward to this bit of vaca in a few days. On top of everything else I need the break!

Maybe soon I'll talk about Summer vacation, the 2nd, which is also coming up....

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