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I have not officially decided whether to laugh or cry about this fascinating way to celebrate the encoding of U+1e9e:

But I have no plans to get these to wear as cufflinks at Jenny and Alex's wedding the weekend after next.

You can read about it (in German) here. If you have even a meager knowledge of German, the comments have a lot of hilarity in them. :-)

Anyway, previous, less celebratory blogs about this letter:

  • September 2005: Every character has a story #15: CAPITAL SHARP S (not encoded)
  • May 2007: Every character has a story #26: CAPITAL SHARP S (might be encoded?)
  • August 2007: Every character has a story #28: U+1e9e (CAPITAL SHARP S)
  • February 2008: The idea has to do more than just make sense to me (aka How S-Sharp are *you* feeling today?)
  • April 2008: Kind of ironic how Germany seems so okay with Capital *Letter* punishment, huh?
  • Of course keep in mind that for most of the German speaking world this still isn't a letter.

    And it is not in code page 1252 so non-Unicode applications won't like it much either....

    Not that I am bitter about this or anything. :-)


    (Hat tip to Simon Daniels)


    This post brought to you by ß and(U+00df and U+1e9e, LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S and LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S)

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