25 years at Microsoft? Amazing, I tell you!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/05/07 03:01 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2008/05/07/8461372.aspx

I found 25 to be the last birthday I actually look forward to.

I think that is to do with my cynical nature -- I mean at 16 you can get your license1, at 18 you can vote or enlist2, at 21 you can drink3.

And at 25 I could finally afford my auto insurance rates.and could rent cars without a corporate card4.

Every birthday after that, there was really nothing official5 to look forward to. :-)

Eventually I stopped caring about birthdays because it seems like it is an anniversary of an eviction6,7,8.

But this blog is not meant to be about me, even though everything up until now has been.

It is about 25.

And the fact that Michael Suignard just celebrated his 25th year working for Microsoft!

Here he is with our General Manager, Julie Bennett:

Michel is by his own report one of the most long-employed people at Microsoft, still working for Microsoft. He is like the 10th oldest or thereabouts. Cool!

John McConnell did a hilarious little speech where he researched how things were 25 years ago, and it was noted that some of the people at the party were not actually even born yet when he started working for MS.

Michel has been a part of Unicode for about as long as there has been Unicode, and he is the editor of 10646 (I think that is how I first met him, in a story not nearly as interesting as John's recollection of a failed attempt of Michel to try to train John to properly pronounce Alain LaBonté's first name!).

And then there was the mysterious case:

This case is pretty heavy, but as you may notice has no handle.

It isn't a bomb, it is a container for that "years of service" award many employees know and love:

The inscription is hard to make out from the picture but says:

Michael L. Suignard
May 2008
Celebrating 25 Years of Service

And the full award is also quite impressive:

I think the dinky eight incher on my shelf I got for my five year would get a real inferiority complex if he had to stand next to this bad boy!

It made me wonder if Heywood Floyd knew that Microsoft had stolen their monolith! :-)

I think in order to get the 50-year award home (one Microsoft has been around fifty years) you have to rent a truck. Or maybe they just hit you on the head with a tack hammer and tell you to take a sabbatical....

In any case, congratulations to Michel for a very impressive milestone!


1 - though I drove before that without consent or knowledge of appropriate supervisors.
2 - though I had an ROTC scholarship turned down for medical reasons.
3 - though I had been drinking prior to that.
4 - though I had gotten a corporate card years before so I would be able to rent.
5 - though I will admit occasional unofficial gifts from girlfriends should not be entirely discounted just because they can't be described in a mostly-safe-for-work blog like this one.
6 - no wonder the baby cries -- you would too if you were comfortable in your first apartment and they evicted you three months prior to the end of the one year lease.
7 - and then having everyone talking to you like you were an idiot as soon as you are out?
8 - I'm pretty sure I did cry, although I was still tired from the move so things are a little fuzzy from back then.

This blog brought to you by(U+3255, aka CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY FIVE)

# mdmhvonpa on 7 May 2008 7:11 AM:

Not sure, but I'd imagine this would be a rather difficult 'desk trifle' to take to a new job ...

# John Cowan on 7 May 2008 10:12 AM:

Babies born underwater don't cry, they just swim about blissfully.  It's not the eviction as such, it's the shock.

I'm looking forward to my 50th birthday this year and my 30th anniversary next year.

# Jonathan Rascher on 7 May 2008 1:15 PM:

Great story, but what's with the compression on those photos? They look like paletted PNGs. Why not just not use JPEGs and avoid the nasty posterization?

# Michael S. Kaplan on 7 May 2008 3:28 PM:

I have an un-natural bias against JPG, preferring PNG whenever possible. :-)

In this case I did drop the colors to 32k to keep the size down....

# Michael S. Kaplan on 7 May 2008 3:30 PM:

John -- I distinctly recall feeling evicted, and I assumed it was due to them thinking me feeble-minded (which is why everyone who talked with me for years after that were clearly treating me like a baby?).


# Bulletmagnet on 9 May 2008 7:13 AM:

Apropos birthday:


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