You've heard of C* fonts? How about G* fonts? :-)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/04/28 03:11 -04:00, original URI:

Rutger asked over in the Suggestion Box:

I was digging around in my fonts page, after converting our font support to logical font support (to stay in line with the java world). And I fond 4 fonts that seem to have a special meaning

    Global SansSerif
    Global Serif
    Global MonoSpace
    Global UserInterface

What is the deal with these fonts? they seem to be col. ections of what font to use for what circumstance. They look related to winfx

(the scheme name...

Are they new and only available on wxp with .NET 3.0 or so or can/should  I use these as logical fonts??

These are indeed composite fonts that can be used with WPF, aka Avalon, aka Windows Presentation Foundation.

They can only be used by WPF but they do provide as configurable per-script fallback scheme that anyone can use (contrast this with Uniscribe font fallback, which cannot be changed).

I'll be talking about these composite fonts soon, so stay tuned in....


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# Sebastien Lambla on 30 Apr 2008 4:46 AM:




# Jan Kučera on 12 Jun 2008 6:35 AM:

Actually this might be the right thing to trigger the update of the Add New Font dialog. Although it does a lot of cool things to enumerate the fonts available in a folder, it does not support CompositeFont files! Any suggestion/bug to fill?

# Michael S. Kaplan on 12 Jun 2008 8:22 AM:

Supporting these font files elsewhere is a much bigger work item than for the Add New Font dialog -- it is a huge change in the font mapper and in the continuous use of fonts after the initial mapping....

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