It's not how big you make it; it's how you make it big (aka Silver let your Light Shine Down)

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Way back in May of last year, George asked over in the Suggestion Box:

I've been reading about Silverlight at and it says the iiii will be under 2 MB. How much of that is the .NLP files that support System.Globalization?

The piece of that document he is referring to go something like this:

At the heart of Silverlight is the browser-enhancement module that renders XAML and draws the resulting graphics on the browser surface. It is a small download (under 2 MB) that can be installed when the user hits the site containing the Silverlight content. This module exposes the underlying framework of the XAML page to JavaScript developers, so interaction with the content on the page level becomes possible, and thus the developer can, for example, write event handlers, or manipulate the XAML page contents using JavaScript code.

Of course this article refers to Silverlight 1.0, which is actually more like 1 mb for the browser add-in, though currently even the 2.0 Beta 1 download claims to be about that same size. It does not include .NLP files within it (which altogether would have been more than the size of the entire download for just the data files), which could give rise to all kind of speculation, assuming that either

I am personally more willing to bet heaviest on the third item, myself. Anyone want to do their own guesses?

Ashish Thapliyal's blog has a post called Silverlight Roadmap Questions that also gives some hints about the final expectations though not much about this question, while the VB Team blog suggests that the download size for the Silverlight runtime was bigger than this to start and would hopefully be shrinking, whivh kind of puts the whole question somewhere strange....


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Anonymous Coward on 16 Apr 2008 9:34 AM:

This looks like rounding; if the size is, for instance, 1 megabyte plus 1 byte, and you are rounding up to multiples of a megabyte, you will get 2 megabytes. Since they used a "under X megabytes" phrasing, it does seem like they are rounding up, instead of rounding to the nearest.

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