Fight the Future? (#10 of ??), aka Looks like I wasn't mistaken

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/04/08 10:01 -04:00, original URI:

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Regular readers should keep in mind that all I said in The End? still applies; the allusion to the X-Files continues for people who understand such references....

Over eight months ago when I blogged Help prove that I am wrong, please, I honestly did hope that I was wrong and that this new newsgroup would be a place where people who were not sure where to post would feel comfortable doing so.

Created at the behest of some folks on the MUI team who as far as I can tell haven't ever actually posted there (though perhaps they are monitoring), and in a group that has to do date never received any actual traffic, I think that at least for now it is safe to say that I was right and that this group is not necessary for the state purpose of providing a new less confusing alternative to the other internationalization-esque newsgroups, since no one has actually posted there.

There have been many new threads started by what appears to be new folk in other groups (mostly in and very few posts anywhere were uncertain or confused about where to post; people just seemed to have most past that issue without major quandries....

This suggests that

Perhaps it will catch on eventually, and if so I'll recant at that time.

But for now, it is clear that this group appears to be the latest in the grand tradition of unnecessary and poorly named "globalization-type" newsgroups....


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# Ted on 8 Apr 2008 4:58 PM:

and posts in have slowed down to a trickle as well, except for several people using the "i'm a programmer from a country other than the USA so I should post general questions in the international group" belief.  

# John Cowan on 9 Apr 2008 12:27 AM:

Well, especially if part of the name is "progarmmer".  Whatever that is.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 9 Apr 2008 1:53 AM:

How does the saying go? Dyslexic Progarmmers of the World -- UNTIE!

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