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Josh asked me via the Contact link:

Subject: Lucida Console Unicode

I don't suppose you have that font lying around which you could send me?

I need it for a project, has to do with formatting matrices calculated through the project, formatting them to be brung over to a program that will actually make the matrices for me..

Anyways i need this font so the generated script is displayed in the console properly.

There is no font named Lucida Console Unicode, actually.

There is a Lucida Sans Unicode font that is actually not a valid choice for the console since it missing some of the characters that console fonts need, and especially since it is not enabled in the registry (the former guides a lot of the decision around the latter, though!). Note that this font also has its own GDI font linking chain the registry.

There is also a Lucida Console font that is the only built-in TrueType font choice available in the console.

If you have just about any supported version of Windows then you have both of these fonts already in all configurations. And neither is actually licensed for redistribution to any system that doesn't have them already.

So if the above if the long answer to Josh's question, the short answer is that I have both of the fonts that between them inspire the requested name, but I can't really send either of them. I mean, not without violating the licensing agreements that I have consented to during installation on my various systems. Which I suppose I might be safe from prosecution if I sent around a random font or two that no one ever knew about but that I wouldn't really want to do given a general desire to stay within the appropriate legal behavior whether I'd be in trouble for failing to do so or not....

But luckily you can switch to the one that is given as an option to switch to by looking at the Console properties:

After making that switch, you will be all set (you can use that registry key I mentioned before how to use to put the other font on that list, though if you do that keep in mind it is missing some of the characters that are considered to be "required" for good console fonts).

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Lionel on 7 Apr 2008 3:57 AM:

Maybe he meant that he was looking for a font that would combine Lucida Console (which includes drawing characters for use in the console) and Lucida Sans Unicode (which includes many more characters)?

Michael S. Kaplan on 7 Apr 2008 11:19 AM:

Thankfully that question is answered too -- no such animal! :-)

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