Staying away from de-emphasized technologies

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/03/29 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

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My oldest active Suggestion Box question (from Stef) is:

Hey, I'm a IT Student and at home i work alot with access.

'i work alot with' means that i made 3 db's projects that are 'Finished'.

Now working on the fourth i'm getting smarter and better,...

I learnt to split my db, but this last thing realy bite me

I'm having huge problems updating my older be version to a newer be version.

I know that you will say now use the Sync method!!! of the replica object...

But the 2 db's one of the costumer and my own are not linked in any way, I can only walk to the place and insert my usb drive. and your website sais don't use it when your moving your db around since it will create another replica wich is very bad. So i didn't use it.

Now, what would be the best way to update my backend with let's say 1 new table and 5 new fields in that table and 100 rows of data on the older db all have to be transported to my new version automaticely with the push of a button.

aren't computers made for this? :d

Sorry it took so long to get to this one, Stef. It is just that I am a lot of years out of Jet replication work (my last active development project that used replication was at least eight years ago). :-)

But there are many problems with using Jet replication for this scenario....

The problem you were hitting with removable storage? That's the old illegal move/copy problem wth replicas.

Add to that Microsoft has never gone out of its way to get behind the technology at all (and now in Access 2007 Microsoft uses their new fike format option to disallow replication -- a definite indication that they want to de-emphasize it even further!

Anyway, I usually point people to solutions like Tony Toews and his Auto FE Updater and/or Bob Laraon and his Auto Updater for Backend Databases, instead. :-)

In other news -- Limonata and Fruity Cheerios: yet another great combination (and good for you, too!).


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