Overheard, yet again

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One never knows what one is going to overhear, does one? :-)

Maybe "Overheard" needs its own category. These are fun!

Anyway, it went something like this:

HIM: That girl in the background of the picture, she's cute.
HER: She's awesome... a very unique woman, never met anyone else like her. 
HIM: {nothing said. he just looked quite interested in what she had to say}
HER: We have similar temperaments, like to sleep lots and do the same stuff. A very unique woman. She is really cute though. If I were a guy....
[Pause for a "Joey Tribbiani" moment here to imagine what SHE meant here; HE didn't pause, though]
HIM: Maybe you should introduce us?
HER: Sure, she may come here to visit, soonish.
HIM: Great!
HER: But this is a terrible way to let me know you're not interested in me.

This is the kind of interaction that would almost definitely be ruined by knowing the context.

A full understanding of HIM and/or HER and/or THE PICTURE and/or THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE is almost guaranteed to be less interesting than what one could fill in with a bit of imagination, don't you think? :-)

If you happen to be HIM or HER or THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE (in the admittedly unlikely case that any of you are regular readers of this Blog -- my readership within the Seattle metro area is hardly large enough to make this terribly probable!), you of course are allowed to comment, though please help keep some of the mystery alive so that we can all live vicariously through the three of you and your interesting potential triangle....


This post brought to you by 𐨲 (U+10a32, aka KHAROSHTHI LETTER KKA)

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