Remember Oolong!, aka Happy [I have no idea what you're talking about... so here's a bunny with a ]Pancake [on its head ]Day!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/02/05 09:01 -05:00, original URI:

This post brought to you in care of associative linkage -- I know where it starts but no one knows where it will end! :-)

So yesterday was the first day of Carnival in a bunch of places.

And tomorrow is Ash Wednesday in a whole bunch of places.

And today?

Today is Pancake Day in Lithuania!

Now it is the kind of name that could easily inspire all kinds of crazy stories (or you could read the Wikipedia article about it here and skip the drama).

Or you could have a drink, remember fondly Oolong, and then say those immortal words Oolong was famous for.

If you aren't sure what I mean, then you can just say

I have no idea what you're talking about... so here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head.

and not only will you have fulfilled your need to ,look me squarely in eye and say


But you will also have said the words Oolong was famously associated with!

Now obviously Shrove Tuesday has nothing to do with the famous images of Oolong, but even so, Outlook's inspired view of the week in five day view

made it all come together, for me.

So let's remember Oolong, everyone....

I wonder what he did when he didn't know what people were talking about, which I imagine was fairly often since he was just a bunny.

It seems slightly egotistical to show a picture of himself each time, doesn't it?

Poor Oolong. I wonder if he ever just took a bite out of the pancake, like on Pancake Day? He could then just stop eating them and tell people he gave them up for Lent....

(Lent remind me of forty days which reminds me of the ark which reminds me that Noah was an asshole -- Martin Cruz Smith was the most famous person to suggest it, but he was actually the second person to point it out to me, the first being a rabbi several years ago who was pointing out to me that we always learn the wrong lessons from sacred texts -- and that sometimes you make the argument, even if it with someone you aren't supposed to disagree with!)

Not that I think one should disagree with someone who has a pancake on their head.

Though speaking of that Renko book, I wonder whether "Was Noah a carpenter or a sailor, and why?" would make a good interview question? Probably not.

Though I'd virtually hire anyone who had not read the book or found the reference but had a defensible answer to the question on this fine Pancake Day we are having....


This post brought to you by(U+b07c, aka HANGUL SYLLABLE SSANGKIYEOK I, who I do not even want to think about the inspiration for this sponsorship)

John Cowan on 5 Feb 2008 9:39 AM:

Obviously not a sailor.  The Ark just drifts on the world-wide ocean (where did the water come from, the mantle?) and eventually grounds itself on the mountains of Urartu (aka Armenia).  Noah gets out, examines the ship-worm damage to the hull, and invents the Armenian script on the spot.

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