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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/01/31 10:01 -05:00, original URI:

I had somebody send me mail the other day, asking me if I wanted people to send me song lyrics questions like Liz used to (yes, that Liz -- should I be worried that I almost need to create a Liz blog topic now, and rename it to Sorting Liz all Out?).

Anyway, this reader, she was I think wondering if I was looking for a substitute to help me get past the memory of the person who used to fill the role.

I have to tell you, I actually have probably three dozen different songs that we had talked about in the past that I just haven't had the heart to write about, though when I concentrate I can recall the conversations, hear her voice. 

Because it wasn't ever the blogs, it was the chat -- the late night, dynamic conversations that would infuriate and frustrate, yet simultaneously fascinate and captivate me.

I just enjoyed bloggig about the ones that amused me most from time to time, and I know she liked reading them later on....

Could I have the same kind of conversations with someone else? I probably have, or do, or will.

But would they be on the same topics? Probably not.

At the moment I am not even listening to new music, which really sucks given some of what is coming out soon.

And would they be from someone who claimed (when asked) to be morally opposed to time zones and thus unafraid to call someone who was getting the call at 2:00 am? Again, probably not.

I am sure I will find other ways to amuse myself.

And life is likely to be full of fresh tragedies and celebrations in the future.

One day I might try to tackle some of the songs we did talk about, too....

So I don't think I need any lyrics, really. For now I can't even do the ones I have on tap, and I somehow doubt the life/personal circumstances would allow me to synthesize the same kind of relationship again, really. I don't know anyone who was as truly strange as her (well, other than me, I mean).

But it was a very sweet offer, in any case! :-)


This post brought to you by 𝄺 (U+1d13a, aka MUSICAL SYMBOL MULTI REST)

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