VS just got served!, aka The ??? Shift, aka 'Converting a project to Unicode???' No, it's 'Converting a project??? ToUnicode!!!'

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/12/24 10:16 -05:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2007/12/24/6843995.aspx

Regular readers might remember my whole Converting a project to Unicode series in nine parts:

  • Part 0 (The introduction)
  • Part 1 (Business before pleasure)
  • Part 2 ('Sorry, you're not my type.' 'Um, maybe I could change that?)
  • Part 3 (Can I quote you on that?)
  • Part 4 (/Delightful, /Delicious, /DUnicode!)
  • Part 5 (Are we there yet? Well, not just yet)
  • Part 6 (Upon the road not traveled)
  • Part 7 (What does it mean to fit things to a 'T', anyway?)
  • Part 8 (Fitting MSLU into the mix)
  • Part 9 (The project's postpartum postmortem)
  • One of the lingering questions in many people's minds (now that they can't ask anymore why no useful samples exist!) is why there aren't more tools to help with this process.

    Luckily, MVP Mihai Nita is not sitting around waiting for such tools to be built!

    Take a look over on his site at ToUnicode – Automating some of the steps of Unicode code conversion (Windows), for a tool that takes many of these steps and tries to automate them.

    This strikes me as an effort that can only get better over time. and one that needs to keep on getting better as the need becomes greater and greater....

    Now this does not let the people who ought to be doing more here off the hook, believe me. But the better the external efforts get, the more foolish the internal folks look for not doing more here.

    And Visual Studio just got served!

    Thanks Mihai -- I not only owe you a book, I now also owe you a beer! :-)


    All of the characters in Unicode have taken off for Grand Cayman for the Christmas holiday weekend
    (they are staying at the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Hotel in case you are there and are curious at all the characters hanging out by the pool!)

    # Mihai on 24 Dec 2007 6:14 PM:

    No need for the book anymore, I was able to find it on Amazon.

    But I will be happy with the beer on the first opportunity ;-)

    And also with any kind of feedback and ideas for the tool :-)

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