Clarification on the singer/songwriter catgeory over on the sidebar

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/11/04 15:16 -05:00, original URI:

I had someone suggest that

I notice that you have a Singer / Songwriters section in your right sidebar, with various links.

I like to write song lyrics and like to dream or rather romance about being a singer-songwriter and maybe dream with just a little chance of it coming true of some of my lyrics being recorded by people who can do one or more of sing well and play musical instruments.

I was just wondering, due to your interest in singer / songwriters whether you might consider a thread with the idea that people could, using the comment facility and external links, together have a go at producing some song lyrics, some music, a performance by a singer and maybe a video and maybe artwork for a CD and, well, have some fun doing it and finding out what could actually be done in a blog post and its comments with a few external links.

Sorry, SiaO isn't that kind of blog....

It is true that I will occasionally post about song lyrics (probably 1/100th of what I listen to and truly enjoy and/or completely hate the lyrics of).

And it is also true that sometimes I will post about shows I go to (probably 1/10th of the ones I go to -- not even a good show always has a hook for a post!).

But I am not a singer and am no truly longer a songwriter except in the most severely occasional sense (a sense that I share with pretty much no one, these days, let alone sharing it with all 27 of you who are reading here regularly).

It gets back to the whole this blog is about stuff that interests me thing -- people getting together here to try to organically create songs through the medium of thisw blog? Doesn't pass the basic scratch test....

Plus I am enough of a music snob to shudder at the presumption that such a process in a blog such as mine could actually create music I'd ever want to listen to. :-)

I guess we all know what it's really about -- access. And occasionally someone's approach to getting me a CD is so novel that I promise to get put in front of somebody who could get it listened to in the background of somebody else. But even that is a pretty rare thing, and definitely not the sort of thing I'd ever want the blog to turn into.

Sorry about that, I have to keep up the (admittedly low) standards I have set here....


This post brought to you by 𝆬 (U+1d1ac, a.k.a. MUSICAL SYMBOL COMBINING HARMONIC)

# Mihai on 5 Nov 2007 12:58 PM:

"all 27 of you who are reading here regularly"

Wow! You mean you got 20 new regular readers?


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