SiaO -- free as in I'm not making any money off of it? :-)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/10/10 11:16 -04:00, original URI:

The other day, in response to my post It looks like you are using Google anyway, reader Michael commented:

:-D not to mention that the builtin search tool doesn't provide $ to your adsense for search account! Which it should, I've just signed up for a blog at msdn yesterday and feeling my way around in the dark.  We should be able to slightly monetise our blogs on msdn specially seeing as I'm a lowly Database Specialist on the Southern Tip of Africa of all places ;-).  Great Article! (another ;-)) and I'm not ranting... would just be a nice to have.

Well, I don't have such an account, and I'm not trying to offset expenses here or make any money....

I'm just trying to figure out to make this blog more searchable, lacking the skill and resources to accomplish the kind of thing Raymond accomplishes with his book, which was to provide a more ordered look at a medium that is by its very definition unordered and unstructured. :-)

This is a problem that gets worse by the day as there are so many posts here and that number can get in the way of the overall usefulness.

But the content here is free and I make no money off of ads or whatever.

Hopefully if you are reading this you are enjoying it (if not then you have to ask yourself why you're here, right?)....

So it isn't free as in beer or as in speech; this blog is free as in I'm not charging!


This post brought to you by ¢ (U+00a2, a.k.a. CENT SIGN)

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