They say 'No news is good news', right? Unfortunately, here is some news

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/09/25 04:01 -04:00, original URI:

Not too long ago, Ivan Petrov had a banner day in the Suggestion Box (I answered two other questions from that day here and here). His very first question was about something slightly different:

Hi Michael :-)

Did you know something about any future release of the Keyboard Convert Service?. I mean will it have future version that will add Windows Vista Support?



I guess I could call today Answering Ivan day or something. :-)

Now I have talked about the Keyboard Convert Service many times before, like in:

And I think I have proven that any time something is going on with this tool I'll be talking about it...

Because I'm a fan so if I know about it, all of you get know about it (whether you care or not).

There is nothing quite like a captive audience, and all of you -- all 30 of you -- are it!

But I have my ear to the ground and have heard no rumblings about update plans for this fine tool -- so the news for right now is that there is no exciting news about future plans.

Though more info about what you mean specifically would be feedback I could give to the team that owns the tool, so feel free to add such info to the comments. :-)


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