Becoming part of the ANTI-social?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/09/16 03:16 -04:00, original URI:

So these Zune remote controls are very useful, I will admit.

But to use, you pretty much just need line of sight and nothing much else. You can scroll around someone else's Zune if they are nearby and switch the song they are listening to and such....

(Verified experimentally at Crossroads earlier this evening, and I apologized right afterward, holding up my own Zune!)

UPDATE 16 Sep -- I was mistaken on this, as is mention in the comments. He must have been trying to do stuff at the same time as me....

If I had not apologized, I definitely would have been part of the anti-social....


This post brought to you by Z (U+005a, a.k.a. LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z)

Michael S. Kaplan on 16 Sep 2007 11:53 AM:

Okay, I was unable to repro this when I tried to do it again -- I think the remote is tied to the base. It must have just been coincidence when that guy thought I had changed his music selection....

Dean Harding on 16 Sep 2007 9:39 PM:

Heh, you'd certainly hope so!!

George K. on 16 Sep 2007 9:53 PM:

I think you said you always kept your wireless turned off. So technically you are still part of the antisocial.

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