A fairly uneventful long weekend

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Absolutely technical of any use whatsoever! You have been warned! 

The long weekend was pretty uneventful here at SiaO plaza

Well, I did come up with the new way to represent SiaO, maybe I should turn it into a logo or something? :-)

But seriously, if you subtract two picnics, three phone calls (and some blog posts that may feel a bit like drunken craziness within 10 hours, when the "hangover" hits), then I didn't do much of anything!

Oh, I did do one other thing -- I upgraded myself to five stars (from four) on the Panang Curry and the Bellevue Thai Kitchen (I swear I laugh every time I remember Brett Shirley ordering his dish there at lunch time with zero stars, wondering what the effect would have been had the waiter mixed up our dishes!).

Though while watching the "Summer Spice" O.C. marathon on SoapNet earlier today I was struck by a few things.

First of all, one should never, ever put Season 1 episodes within 24 hours of Season 4 episodes of the O.C. Unless they decide to play them in reverse chronological order so it looks like the show is getting cooler, its writing better, its stars more charismatic, its plotlines more fun.

Second of all, SoapNet can run as many commercials trying to make the Days of our Lives "Bo and Hope" thing work with the nickname BOPE.But all I can say is NOPE, SoapNet. In the words of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, "SoapNet, stop trying to make BOPE happen! It's not going to happen!"

And Third of all, ever notice how soap operas do not manage to lose continuity as quickly as their night time counterparts do? When I left Bo and Hope over two decades ago, they were trying to be happy together and now two decades later I still haven't watched an episode but apparently they are back together enough for SoapNet to start trying to coin nicknames.

I have a soft spot for Kristian Alfonso, which I am amused and embarrassed to admit I felt like that J. Geils band song Centerfold after I watched The Joshua Tree (a.k.a. Army of One) and her nude scenes. I felt certain that "my" Kristian would never do such a thing, and I was terribly bothered. Maybe if I had actually met her and convinced her that she did not have to take off her clothes she would have stopped herself. After that I just felt betrayed somehow and lost interest....

(Of course years later I was telling this little story to a friend of mine who actually knows more about movies than I do and she (years before imdb.com and Wikipedia made it so much easier) was able to point out to me that the nude scenes were done by a brunette adult film star body double. Although too late to reverse the course of the non-relationship, it allowed me to re-close the whole situation a little more kindly, resolvimg the anonymous betrayal!)

The movie was also (if memory serves) amusing because of some article I read about how the title changed in the US to avoid confusion with the U2 song, and how the UK version of the movie didn't do this but did censor the crap out of the movie -- not for the nude scenes, mind you, but for the violence -- something that would probably never happen in the US.

The only other thing I can recall doing is creating a great "Heart: Stomped!" playlist that I did not listen too but decided to save for the net time I might need the catharsis of such a thing. It's like the inverse of coming up with an inspiring mix tape.

Anyway, like I said, very little happened over the weekend. But the week should be exciting and full of interesting and unusual opportunities to do good, and more interestingly/importantly to not do evil....


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