The SIAO submarine running silent, and a scheduled live appearance

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/08/07 14:04 -04:00, original URI:

Sorry to all of my regular readers who have had trouble getting their SIAO fix for the last few days....

I actually have a whole bunch of posts to put up related to the almost entirely awesome TypeCon 2007 and such, and I will try to start getting them up this week, though between COSD training (I am presenting on Thursday1) and UTC (which is happening as we speak) I am pretty much doing two weeks worth of work this week.

The Thursday presentation is currently fully booked, but since it is Thursday at 2-4pm and the weather forecast claims 70° and sunny, so I am anticipating some no-shows.

But I am still around and will be prolific quite shortly!


1 - If you are in COSD you'll want to be there (link here for internal COSD folks -- other internal folks can't do it, sorry!), if you are in WEX I'll be doing something quite similar at the end of the month and I'll keep you posted on that....

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