The Dell laptops have a new neighbor, who says hello

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/07/23 00:01 -04:00, original URI:

Not that I was trying to follow in Brian Randell's footsteps, but like him I now have a fully loaded top of the line MacBook Pro (17" 2.4 GHz, 1920x1200, 160GB).

Unlike Brian, I'm not installing Vista on it. The reason I have it is all of the interactions I have with Mac users who are musicians and management of musicians.

I just figured it would be nice to be compatible with all of them for a change. :-)

I may do some blog posts from it (I probably will when I am doing it remotely, it is lighter than any of the Dells!), but I don'y think it will be a site, I'll probably do it here. Sometimes simplest is best.

Which is not to say I won't do some of the curiosity comparative international support stuff that I used to just beg regular readers here like Tom to do, because I probably will. But it is mostly a recreational machine and it will be strictly recreational comparisons with the kind of stuff that the kind of person who might enjoy reading here might enjoy hearing about.

FWIW, I am sure I'll probably try out Silverlight on it too!

I may even do a Podcast or video or two now that I have a camera built in and all.

If I figure out anything interesting I'll post about it, I'm sure.

For now, my MacBook Pro was saying Hello World and I thought I'd pass the word along....


This post brought to you by (U+ffe3, a.k.a. FULLWIDTH MACRON)

# Rosyna on 23 Jul 2007 12:37 AM:

How did you get the 120gig version? Also, the 160gig version is available in 7200RPM as a BTO option. And since it uses perpendicular recording, it *should* be much faster than the 120gig version. Did you not want to get perendicular? (

# Michael S. Kaplan on 23 Jul 2007 12:47 AM:

(Looking at it now)

Oops, it is the 160GB drive. I was thinking about the Lattitude D820 just a few computers to the left of it!

I'll fix that in the article now....

# Rosyna on 23 Jul 2007 2:32 AM:

Kinky. It also gave me an excuse to post that link.

Also, "FWIW, I am sure I'll probably try out Silverlight on it too!"

Good luck with that. The Silverlight installer has a silly bug where it assumes the format of the Mac OS X version string is always NN.N.N and so 10.4.10 becomes 10.4.1 and the silverlight installer refuses to install. This problem has been documented by apple since at least 10.4 (as in, April 29th, 2005) so I'm not sure how the MS installer maker people overlooked this.

Of course, the Xcode tools make the same error, even though they were explicitly told of this problem by many people as soon as they announced the feature that has the problem, so it's not just MS that got it wrong.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 23 Jul 2007 3:38 AM:

Ah, but there are ways around that problem. :-)

# Mihai on 23 Jul 2007 3:13 PM:

Good luck with your Mac programming.

Here are my first impressions, just in case:


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