Clarification on the official Uniscribe redist story still pending, but...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/07/22 10:31 -04:00, original URI:

Mark asks in the Suggestion Box:

In a number of the Uniscribe functions' documentation, for example ScriptItemizeOpenType, there is a note which reads

Redistributable: Requires Usp10.dll version 1.600 or greater on Windows XP or later.

Where should I find this redistributable (merge module or DLL)?

Mark is right, the Platform SDK documentation for the Uniscribe functions contains that boilerplate in each of the newer functions.

There is no redist package though.

One of the coolest resources here at the moment is actually the SIL-provided page Replacing your Uniscribe dll, which goes through many of the issues.

Now there is a work item on some of the Program Managers in Windows International to provide some official guidance here for those who are looking to for official sources in order to avoid unintentional license violations, but in the meantime that SIL page is well-known to some of those very Program Managers and SIL has received no case-and-desist order, so I think Joan and Lorna are on the right track!

The most important bit of info, which I think is captured in that page, is that you are never allowed to replace the system-provided Uniscribe dll in the system32 directory.

But beyond that, the advice there should help and there should be some official guidance from Microsoft eventually....


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