Mutual associative linkage interuptus

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/07/12 02:31 -04:00, original URI:

Sometimes, women confuse me.

The conversation was kind of rambling along between different topics. Randomly. Like associative linkage, but between different people.

Suddenly one of them asked me a question.

"You eat bell peppers, don't you?"

"Why yes," I responded, kind of surprised at the non sequitur. "I do."

"Red, yellow, and orange?"

"Yes, all of them. Though I like the red ones best."

"Can you tell the difference between how the three of them taste?"

I am momentarily surprised. Was this some kind of verbal trap?

Sometimes, women confuse me.

"Yes, " I said cautiously. "Can't everybody?"

One of them turned to the other with a meaningful look.

"I told you!" she laughed.

Then the food came and I never found out what the hell the thing with the peppers was all about.

I guess it isn't important.

But doesn't everyone think that different kinds of bell peppers taste different?

Sometimes, women confuse me.


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Dean Harding on 12 Jul 2007 3:39 AM:

Wow, I had to google for "bell peppers" because we call them "Capsicum" in Aus. I'd never heard of "bell peppers" before :-)

I can tell the difference, too. But I can understand people who would not be able to. IMO, green & red are fairly similar but yellow is quite different. I've never tried any of the other colours though.

Jim C on 12 Jul 2007 3:51 PM:

What about those in between peppers.. where they have a little of each color on them?

I like red the best too... But red and green are the ones i have the most familiarity with. When it comes to orange and the like, and various other varieties with which I'm less familiar, I would probably be at a loss if blindfolded.

John Hudson on 12 Jul 2007 5:42 PM:

Yes, they all taste different, and I'm happy to prove it in a blind taste test.

I disagree with the commentator who thought green and red were fairly similar. Green bell peppers are quite bitter relative to the other colours, even red. Orange peppers are the sweetest of the four. One can imagine a continuum of sweetness: green, red, orange. Yellow peppers have such a distinctive taste I'm inclined to put them in their own category, but in sweetness they are between red and orange.

Mihai on 12 Jul 2007 6:53 PM:

"Sometimes, women confuse me."

Best description of the feeling (starting at about 1:15):

Michael S. Kaplan on 13 Jul 2007 9:59 PM:

You would all do very well in a regular meeting of the associative linkage society. :-)

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