Planning a party for between 26 and 388 of your colleagues

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/06/29 02:45 -04:00, original URI:

One last heads-up to Microsoft full-time employees, everyone else may as well ignore....

Going into this presentation going on Friday at 4pm in 33/Kodiak at the 2007 Engineering Excellence & Trustworthy Computing Forum (the one I mentioned before), I don't have the first clue how many people are going to be there.

I mean, on the one hand it is the last talk on the last day.

And on the other hand there is a 50% chance of rain all day that lowers to 40% after the talk, which makes the leaving early a bit less likely.

And on the other other hand I really am only 100% positive about 85% of the 31 people who have specifically mentioned they would be there....

And on the other other other hand the 225 people who were signed up as of Monday are people who signed up in a system that allows one to double/triple/quadruple book without mentioning to you that you are violating natural laws and that encourages people to book the whole week even if they aren't going to be there the entire time.

And on the other other other other hand there is the fact that there are seven other talks going on at the same time, five of which do not require going outside into the 50% chance of rain.

And on the other other other other other hand is the fact that I immediately follow one of Mark Russinovich's talks that saw 388 people sign up and therefore I may see some of the same gift as is seen by the TV shows that air after the Super Bowl. The gift of inertia.

I have run out of hands at this point, and I figure somewhere between 26 and 388 people will show up. I'm glad I don't have to cater it!

No worries, I'll do my best either way. :-)

Anyway, I must run now. I decided to update two of my examples, replacing them with other ones that came this week....


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