Tell the meeting organizer that she is going to be a little late, please

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/06/20 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

This is what popped up from Outlook:

Given that the meeting occurred over 148450 days ago, it is fair to say that she is gonna be a little late.

It feels like a Steven Wright joke or something. You know, like "I went into a restaurant that said they served breakfast anytime, so I ordered pancakes in the Renaissance...".

Kind of a cool Outlook feature, too!

Ok, just kidding.

But never forget the year 1601 -- it is the smallest legal year in the SYSTEMTIME struct and it is a big part of the CRT's date story too. Though I am betting on the SYSTEMTIME thing, and a [nearly?] empty struct being passed to GetDateFormat.

Someone please tell the meeting organizer that she missed the meeting. I really hope they gave up and rescheduled....


This post brought to you by ؍ (U+060d, a.k.a. ARABIC DATE SEPARATOR)

# Mike Dimmick on 20 Jun 2007 4:31 AM:

It's the base date for the FILETIME structure. FILETIME {0, 0} is 1 January 1601 00:00:00.

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