Cyrillic looks so spacy when viewed from some parts of East Asia....

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/05/12 02:31 -04:00, original URI:

So I was looking at a bug on the cool Vista machine (you know, this one!) the other day....

Since I last talked about it (a few months ago, to be more precise), I installed a whole bunch of UI languages on it.

Like more than the list of those currently available.

Actually. since I built some of them myself, it is actually a list is possibly more than the list of what will ever be available. :-)

All so I could see a huge language list. The things I'll do when I am bored on the weekend....

Anyway, I was looking at a bug reported with a Traditional Chinese UI language. And here is what I saw:

Interesting spacing on the Cyrillic script languages, huh? :-)

I could not repro this with Japanese, Korean, or Simplified Chinese. It only happens with Traditional.

A couple other weird things, too.

(The unfortunate things that happen with Arabic script when the UI language is LTR have been mentioned before)

Kind of weird....


This post brought to you by З (U+0417, a.k.a. CYRILLIC LETTER ZE)

SDiZ on 12 May 2007 7:11 AM:

I believe this is, indeed, a "feature".

In big5 encoding (at least in the big5 ETen-extension), Cyrillic scripts are full-width. To compatible with old system, Chinese fonts always comes with full width Cyrillic characters.

SDiZ on 12 May 2007 7:14 AM:

I believe this is, indeed, a compatible feature.

In the old good time (pre-1995 age), Traditional Chinese computer system comes with full-width Cyrillic fonts.

SDiZ on 12 May 2007 7:21 AM:

ugh. i think this blog think i am a spammer.

I think this is compatible with Big5 ETEN extension, which have full-width Cyrillic fonts.

Michael S. Kaplan on 12 May 2007 8:10 AM:

Hey SDiZ -- no one thinks you are a spammer, but one does suspect you didn't read the third bullet point above the space where you put in comments. :-)

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