Note to self: don't run over the General Manager

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/05/03 14:29 -04:00, original URI:

People in the building may not believe me, but I am very careful to make sure I don't ever hit people with the scooter while I am going through the building.

Sure, I make jokes about how it is a "strict rule" to never hit developers versus an "important recommendation" not to hit program managers.

And I take KC's old question of "What's the impact to test?" and suggest the impact is a scooter shaped dent in the SDET standing in the wrong place.

But I truly am kidding and would rather gouge my eyes out than ever hit any of the PMs, devs, or testers I work with.

Apparently there is (unknown to me) a General Manager loophole in all that? :-(

You see, it was after the Town Hall meeting.

I was getting some gummy bears from the back of the room and Julie was standing by the table talking to someone.

Suddenly the scooter started moving forward in its own!

She jumped out of the way sputtering "what the hell, Michael?" and the trip ended shortly thereafter, crashing into a tray of plates and breaking some of them. I realized that my jacket had gotten caught in the lever to go forward.

Mohammed was asking me if I was okay and ll I could think was Forget about me, I just ran over the General Manager!

Luckily everyone was okay. Except for a few dishes, which I honestly feel like maybe I should be paying for.... 

I saw Julie in the hall yesterday and apologized profusely (she told me not to worry, that she was fine).

I am still mortified by the whole experience, even today.

Anyway, there is now an official law to not anyone with the scooter, not even directors, general managers, or execs. I mean, there was a rule before, but by being selective in my joking it could be construed as intentional omission and I don't want execs to feel like it is unsafe to walk the halls!


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# Kemp on 3 May 2007 3:07 PM:

"I am very careful to make sure I do ever hit people with the scooter"

"there is now an official law to not anyone with the scooter"

One completely changed meaning and one with no meaning =P

An amusing story nonetheless, though slightly less amusing for you I guess.

# Mihai on 3 May 2007 3:07 PM:

You just learned the fundamental rule of creating a secure firewall (or software, or whatever): if it is not explicitly permitted, it is forbidden.

Or "the default option should be the most secure"


# Michael S. Kaplan on 3 May 2007 3:18 PM:

(whoops, fixed that typo!)

Cathy is apparently of the opinion that the whole thing was hysterically funny, once she was sure no one was injured. Reminds me of the cow hitting the wall all over again....

(ref: No cows were harmed in the writing of this blog post)

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