The seven is not being crossed out

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/04/12 06:01 -07:00, original URI:

The question in the newsgroup was:

In Europe the handwritten number seven has a short horizontal line through it.
My question: Is there any Word 2007 or Vista system font that allows one to
type such a European-style seven?

In Brian Livingston's and Paul Thurrott's recently published book, Windows
Vista Secrets, they used this European-style seven. I first wrote to both of
them and have not received a reply.

Perhaps I should also post this to the Vista newsgroup too. My thanks in
advance if you can help me.

Looking at all of the fonts I have installed on this machine, here are the ones with that short horizontal line through the seven:

None of these fonts look like the ones used in a book, though....

There do not seem to be many (and I am tempted to say *any*) fonts that will combine the number 7 with U+0335 to allow a line through the seven to look right....

Perhaps some fonts include it as an OpenType feature.

The real answer might be to ask Brian and/or Paul? It may not get the font but at least one will know where the seven comes from!


This post brought to you by 7 (U+0037, a.k.a. DIGIT SEVEN)

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