There are no words

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/03/31 04:01 -04:00, original URI:


Cake text printer doesn't speak Italian, pens errors instead

I guess I can't say this one takes the cake.

Technically, I can't even say no comment given the fact that the extraneous text is actually a bunch of comments!

I feel like Alan Smithee....

I don't know what to say, exactly. And in Hudson-esque style, there is no question. Put simply, there are no words.


This post brought to you by < (U+003c, a.k.a. LESS-THAN SIGN)

# Jason Truesdell on 31 Mar 2007 8:31 PM:

Somebody copy/pasted some HTML email... or some weird Word doc.

I've seen this symptom on a few web pages (language wasn't actually a factor.. the content was in English).

# JamesCurran on 2 Apr 2007 3:28 PM:

I agree with Jason. The real problem seems to stem from MSWord's inherently evil "HTML supoort".

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