Killing time and brain cells at the DMV

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/03/15 18:46 -04:00, original URI:

(Nothing technical here) 

Somebody once suggested to me that time spent in the Department of Motor Vehicles does not get charged against your life expectancy.

Well, if that's true then I aged 90 minutes less today than I would have otherwise.

(how is that for "the glass is half full" thinking?)

I went to renew my handicapped permits (you get the choice of temporary or permanent but you have to renew the permanent ones every five years just in case you miraculously regained your sight or ability to walk 10 miles without resting or whatever).

I had my scooter, since there is no way I could have stood around for that long and while I know the scooter hindered without ultimately blocking my driver license, it could only help me in the case of a handicapped parking placard.

Anyway, after 90 minutes I finally got to the counter and hand over my filled out and neurologist signed form.

Only to be told sorry, it couldn't be processed today.

Apparently the whole system is down throughout the state, and has been all week (could it have been a DST shift issue? Probably not, though it was an amusing possibility to consider!).

The lady behind the counter gave me her card. She said I could call the office to verify the system was back online and then when I came in I would not have to wait in line.

(I may wait anyway; the most annoying person at the DMV is the one who doesn't have to wait in line when everyone else does!)

So if you see me, think I am looking younger, and wonder why -- then now you know. I shaved 90 minutes off my age by wasting time at the DMV!


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# Dean Harding on 15 Mar 2007 7:33 PM:

> you get the choice of temporary or permanent but you have to renew the permanent ones every five years

Ha! That's priceless!

# Michael S. Kaplan on 16 Mar 2007 4:59 AM:

Yep, it is pretty funny. :-)

Details here:

A parking privilege for individuals with a permanent disability. The permanent privilege must be renewed every 5 years. You may choose ONE of the following options:

A parking privilege for individuals with a temporary disability. The temporary privilege lasts for 6 months from date of issuance and is not renewable. If you need privileges for longer than 6 months, you must re-apply. A person who qualifies for temporary parking privileges is entitled to receive one red parking placard.

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