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Over in the Suggestion Box, Ritesh asked:

I do not know wheather it is right place to post my query but i am doing it hoping that u may find it a valid one .

Please find my query below:

If a font is having Latin script and it consists of languages like english, german, etc . Then if user input some unicodes belonging to latin script, and instead of using any default language, we want to force that we will use german, then how can we attian this by using uniscribe.

Another example in support of my question:

We know that hindi, marathi and nepalee, all belong to devanagri script and assuming that these all language are present in single font .Each language will be having the gpos and gsub rules according to the language so it can be a case that a cluster can give different glyphs based on language.

So my question is that, if i want to use nepalee instead of hindi on particular set of unicodes, then how can we attain that using Uniscribe or usp10.dll.

Thanks in advance.


This feature is indeed possible to support via Uniscribe, by making use of three new Uniscribe API functions mentioned in this post:

An example of the info to include for language specific information is given in Developing OpenType Fonts for Devanagari Script, particularly Appendix A (Writing System Tags) which includes the following table:

Registered tags for the Devanagari script Registered tags for Devanagari language systems
Script tag Script Language system tag Language
"deva" Devanagari "dflt" *default script handling
"HIN " Hindi
"KSH " Kashmiri
"KOK " Konkani
"MAR " Marathi
"NEP " Nepali
"SAN " Sanskrit
"SND " Sindhi

Note: both the script and language tags are case sensitive (script tags should be
lowercase, language tags are all caps) and must contain four characters (ie. you
must add a space to the three character language tags).

An analogous table exists for the standard scripts in this other Appendix, which takes care of situations like German and so forth....


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