Info needed from developers and architects about what they are (or want to be) doing with MUI

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/01/31 11:31 -05:00, original URI:

You might remember when I was talking about how Thinking about MUI is making me bipolar.

Well, I was given the news that the problem was investigated and verified, and some initial work went into determining what the fix might entail.

However, there was not a compelling customer scenario based on actual requirements that I could name. Which means that under the current secret squirrel criteria it is a tough sell to try and get that fix pushed into the product ASAP.

And I can understand that -- me trying to put together a sample for this blog, even if it at the request of customers and even though it found this problem, is not a business justification, not a customer scenario.

It is at best the result of a customer scenario.

And that is of course only true if we can assume the customers who were requesting a sample had actual business reasons behind wanting to get more information on MUI functions and if we can assume that they wanted info on functions like SetThreadPreferredUILanguages and if we can assume that their reasons involved wanting to use custom locales/custom cultures.

I can't disagree with the powers that be if they tell me that there are a lot of assumptions in that last paragraph. And that I would need a helluva lot more in the way of customer requests/requirements in hand to be able to attempt to justify getting the fix done sooner rather than later (for example in a service pack, as opposed to a future release).

So, for those who were looking for more information on MUI either after that post, after this one, or even before that, my request is to you.

If you are such a developer or architect and you were really looking into (or wanting to look into) using MUI and custom locales to try and provide a localized version outside the language list provided by Windows, then please let me know, either by commenting here or by sending me info via the contact link. Of if you are part of an internal group at Microsoft then just send me mail, you are eligible too!

I will go to the mat for this one if I can get enough ammunition from customers (inside and outside of Microsoft) to do so.

Help me, Obi Wans, you're my only hope....


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# Mihai on 1 Feb 2007 5:50 AM:

Please count me in.

I was happy to see that the MUI API is now public, but now I am playing with it, and I see stuff (not much) missing.

And considering the reduced availability of MUI for Vista (only for Ultimate and Enterprise), it seems that the API is even less useful that I initially thought.

And the problems are there even for the languages in the MS list, there is no need to go to custom locales.

So yes, Leia, I will help you :-)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 1 Feb 2007 8:44 AM:

Hello Mihai  -- Are you going to be at the MVP Summit? I might want you to talk to some people while you are here. :-)

# Mihai on 1 Feb 2007 3:13 PM:

Yes, I will be at the summit.

<<I might want you to talk to some people while you are here. :-)>>

My pleasure :-)

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